About us

The Idea Behind Unitude

Unitude is our reply to the wants and needs of the younger generation with clash and fusion of a multitude of influences and contemplations.

The millennials are facing pressures like college debts, job market competition, identity recognition, etc.. What they want is not simply a million-dollar luxury purse or a photo-friendly, Instagram-only handbag. There are not so many choices when it comes to bags that meet their requirement of expression and utility.

A touch of elegance.

Here at Unitude, founded by a young musician in USA in 2015, we are heavily influenced by modern musicians, artists and architects like John Coltrane, Morandi, Monet, Gaudí, Gropius, etc.. Modernism, Impressionism and Bauhaus are the responses of these masters to their time. We believe that you don't have to choose between classy and trendy, minimal and elegant. We try to fold the spectrum and blend both ends. The marriage between the abstraction of lines, shapes, and colors and the empathy for the new age is Unitude’s take on the unity of form and function.

How We Design Unitude Bags

At Unitude, we try to bring the aesthetic and practical aspects of the design together. The aesthetic inspirations usually come from the works of modern artists and architects even musicians. We deconstruct the works and abstract the visual elements for our design, like colors and shapes. More importantly, we internalize the core concept of the works, like to comfort, to enjoy, to encourage, etc.. We intent to put constraint to our design elements. We believe that a limited palette and material set will only boost the creativity, not depress it.

After sketching the designs, paper and fabric prototypes are made to get a real-life idea of the bags. At this stage, we make adjustments or discard the idea if it won’t work out. It makes its way to the next stage if we really like it. We always evaluate the designs with leather prototypes. We believe that testing with the exact material of the final product gives you the most accurate feedback. We work with our users in mind. We carry around the bag for a couple of weeks and look for any uncomfortable edges, unreachable pouches, any parts that get in the way when you unzip the bag, or unintentional tilts caused by suboptimal weight distribution. If we find anything wrong, we go back and make further tweaks until we are pleased with the design.

Unitude ❤️ Social Media

We love the internet. It provides us an equal opportunity to get connected with people all over the world and present our designs and products to them.

So far Unitude has more than 100k followers on Instagram and Facebook, including some top fashionistas and fashion bloggers, and our beloved customers from over 30 countries. They love to share their outfits when carrying Unitude bags. We regularly repost the pictures on social media and in newsletters to give our fans some new styling ideas. We see this as a special and valuable bond between Unitude and our friends.

Get Connected:

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