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Style and Latte Focus: Nude Bags by @styleandlatte

August 09, 2017 1 Comment

In my world nude has been the new black for a while now. It is the poster child for neutral, that blends in and creates the perfect canvas for your style at the same time.

As a perfect example I’m using this particularly beautiful purse from Hieleven called the Stacy satchel. Disclaimer: Hieleven was very kind in sending me this wonderful product, but the opinions I hold are strictly my own.

Now that the air is cleared, I’ve accumulated different ways to pair this nude purse. Keep in mind, this is one of the many ways a nude purse can be sported!

Diving in, the first outfit I have is an everyday outfit– throw in a cute top over skinny pants and you’re effortlessly chic! Pastels are my go-to with white pants, they create a perfect union of calmness. Dressing up: 15 minutes. Picking which purse to use with this outfit: ZERO.

Now comes the part when I’m a little extra and need to be a boss babe who is just too chic for this ordinary world. Just kidding, no harm in being extra. Black dress (it didn’t come with the tie by the way), nude pumps and nude purse – now wasn’t that easy? Ok now I’ll use the time I saved to strategize my slaying power.

Moving on, I can always swap into a more casual dress. Casual flowy dresses are perfect for Summer and those days my body tries to hold on to the last drop of water available in there. The nice thing about this nude purse is it perfectly compliments the print of the dress while keeping this look minimalist chic.

And finally, when weekend rolls around and I am striving to look cute in my denim shorts – a nude purse will once again save my life and ensure that I make it to brunch on time. Isn’t that fun?

As mentioned earlier, a nude purse can be paired with almost any outfit and is hence a must-have. As for my nude purse, Hieleven did a tremendous job in creating a chic yet utilitarian purse that has the perfect tone of nude for me.

To shop visit:

Link to this particular product:

Thank you for reading. Be sure to finish the coffee you’re holding!

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February 24, 2018

@Hieleven are you going to bring back this bag? stacy-top-handle-bag-khaki.

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