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5月 16, 2016

SCHOOL GIRL by @sophievandaniels

SCHOOL GIRL by @sophievandaniels

Knit – H&M Trend  |  Cami – H&M  |  Jeans – Zara  |  Shoes – c/o Gardenia Copenhagen

Bag – c/o Hieleven  |  Jewelry – c/o Madeleine Issing  |  Watch – c/o Klarf  |  Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Happy Sunday everyone! You wouldn’t believe what a day at home made with me. I am still feeling a little exhausted but so much happier already. I think there are just two places that instantly make me feel calm and happy and that will always be the house I grew up in and the beach I lived next to in Australia. Today it’s grey and rainy but yesterday it was sunny and proper spring warm (meaning I was able to drive my mum’s Fiat 500 topless!!).

And what do you do if its sunny and warm? Obviously you go out and shot an outfit! Can anyone relate? I wanted to wear all my favorite things but wanted to make it look a little more interesting. To spice things up I wore my cami over my turtleneck (which is a thing now) and I have been wearing this combo lots lately. I added my favorite pair of cropped jeans – still searching for another pair that fits well – suggestions may be shared with me in the comments! Shoe wise I am really daring something today as I am wearing pair of school girl pumps (not to be mixed with granny pumps!). I absolutely love them, they make me feel like a 5th grade student again plus they bring that special vintage vibe with them! I teamed up with Gardenia Compenhagen to give away one pair of the school girl pumps. See the entering guidelines here. Good luck!

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