juin 09, 2017

Your New Favorite Bag by @madamandrews

Your New Favorite Bag by @madamandrews

written by madamandrews

Ahh yes. The magical combo of suede and leather. Does it get any better?

I’ve had to explain several times to Jono that when I talk about leather and when I talk about suede, I’m talking about two different things. A few months back there was a suede jacket that I had been yearning for and when I showed him he replied “You already have a leather jacket”. No, no, no. This is SUEDE. Sure, they both come from a cow (or a fake cow 😉 ) But they are NOT the same thing. He still doesn’t get it, ha.


About this particular beauty— I love this bag from Hieleven because the materials are super good quality and it’s a fabulous neutral. It’s easy to pair with literally every outfit. I don’t change by bag too often, so I like a neutral color that I can stick with for a while.

I have another bag from Hieleven that I also adore. You can find all of the deets here.

I hope that you have an amazing holiday weekend! Be safe!



Excerpt from madamandrews.com