novembre 07, 2016

City Handbag | Hieleven by @the.simone

City Handbag | Hieleven by @the.simone

Here is an easy question – when the clock beats Saturday out in the city preparations, which handbag would you bring with you on this happy day? Would it be something black and compact? Well I guess it would be something that glows and is minimal. Hieleven! The brand that will comfort your style needs is officially available. It is the brand that offers the most stylish and smooth handbags from the highest quality genuine leather. Minimal design addicts will find the brand particularly appealing. Hieleven perfectly understand modernity needs and presents a wide range of slick handbag designs in various sizes! The elegant colour range will find a match to any taste.

Here is a closer look to the The Simone’s pic – the black flap closure cattle leather handbag. You will find it very feminine and excellent sizing for a busy women. Large enough to fit in your iPad, a wallet and even a little bit more with the best part – no zip and only a flap closure. Extremely soft leather feels pleasant and friendly against your hands.

Whether it is Eleven o clock in the morning or 11pm in the evening – Hieleven will guide you as the best feminine companion in a busy city. Decent sizing and comfortable and easy opening will be the most trendy worry free handbag that will go with so many office to weekend outfits. And here is a few to get inspired!

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