April 05, 2017




Yes, I know what you're thinking.... When is she ever coming back to LA? Well, I had to make one last stop before heading home in non other than San Francisco! One of my really good friends invited me to come out and I couldn't turn down the opportunity as I had never been there (which is so crazy cause it's so close to LA). I arrived the day after finishing up my fashion week engagements and was so excited to explore a new city, even if it was only for 2 days. The weather was thankfully mild in comparison to the snow storm I endured in the east coast and it was nice to be able to enjoy the sights without worrying about frostbite. It was lovely to have some time to myself whilst doing some shopping at Maiden Lane and grabbing a cup of coffee to help recover from all the jet lag. What was once considered the red light district in San Francisco, Maiden Lane is now a long street closed off to traffic during the day in order for pedestrians to freely enjoy all the high-end boutiques and almost has a Soho NY vibe to it which I love.

When I'm off duty I like going for more casual looks that still exude chic city vibes. Since it was on the chilly side in San Fran I decided to sport one of the latest pieces I picked up in London from my best friend's fur coat brand, Etoile London. This Julie-rex batwing jacket in dusty taupe is the softest thing in the world and is a real show stopper so I am quite used to people coming up to stroke this beauty wherever I go. For a day time look, to balance the decadent feel of the fur I like to pair it with some distressed jeans like these AYR faded wash pair and my Dear Frances chelsea style booties or even a pair of clean white sneakers. For accessories I've lately been obsessing over my new Wyeth Eyewear sunglasses and this mini flap closure handbag by hieleven both timeless and versatile. 

What's your favorite model off-duty outfit?

Excerpt from www.katetik.com