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April 25, 2016

TREND FOLLOWER? by @noanoir_

TREND FOLLOWER? by @noanoir_


I know, I said in this post that I am not one for following trends and yet here I am, sporting about four SS16 trends in one look. Pure coincidence - of course ;-) - I mean, I am not wearing the so-called "grandma shoes", round sunglasses, oversized sleeves & mini bag because they are trends... I actually just really, truly love them. The silly thing about trends (whether or not you want to "follow" them) is that they expose us to new things - styles that weren't quite on our radar before they hit the runways streets (OT: such a chicken/egg thing). It is hard to not get inspired and wear them if they really suit your style. And that begs the question: is one still truly a follower if one has the ability to properly select and implement only those trends that suit their personal style? (And not go on a "I'll wear it ALL!" binge) Or am I just making up excuses and hiding the fact that, yes, I do follow trends to a certain extent, but only if they actually suit me and not just for the sake of being #trendy?

Regardless I don't really care one way or another... the beautiful thing about fine-tuning your style is that you are comfortable with what you wear and like - trend or not. These grandma shoes though... I definitely like them a lot (and so did my oma actually!).

Excerpt from noanoir.com