Juni 05, 2016

Scandal by @atsunamatsui

Scandal by @atsunamatsui

Wearing: Zeagoo Two Piece Dress / Forever 21 Olive Coat / Jolly Chic Boot / Quay Australia Fleur Sunglasses (similar style) / Hieleven Mini Flap Closure Handbag

If I were to be in a mystery novel, this is the outfit that I would wear. There’s a little bit of sultry and demure. If you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you may have noticed that I just adore boots. In fact, I own so many pairs of black boots, you’d think that I would venture out and try out new shoe styles but they’re totally my guilty pleasure and I just appreciate the differences in the detail of my black boot collection (perhaps I will dedicate a post to my black boot collection in the future?).

Two piece dresses are great for looking sexy without necessarily needing to flaunt everything you got. I absolutely adore this two piece dress for its details. It shows my midriff, yet is a turtleneck at the same time, which balances out how much skin you’re really showing. The V-shape hem of the bottom of this top is also another very nice detailing and it’s the details that really make this basic, solid color dress different and unique.

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Excerpt from atsunamatsui.com