March 31, 2017

A Few Things on My Mind by @petiteandbold

A Few Things on My Mind by @petiteandbold

I’m not one to make resolutions at the beginning of each year. I honestly believe we can all work on feeling great inside out every day by doing small things. This year, I have a few things on my mind.

I love talking fashion and lifestyle here, but I do want to open up more cause you guys have seriously been the best! So here we go!

1 . Write down two things I’m grateful for each day in my journal. It’s always so easy to think about what went wrong in a day and feel defeated. I feel like taking the time to be thankful for what actually helped you go through a day can be so beneficial. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised of how liberating and therapeutic it is to write. Seriously, try it out ;)

2. Work on my feelings. I am a very – read here overly sensitive – and can be described as an emotional sponge. I literarily absorb every emotion around me ( good or bad ) and that’s such a hard thing to live with. The end of 2016 was truly hard on me because I had anxiety and felt paralyzed for a few days. I was reading tips on the internet { thank you Google } on how to manage the anxiety level and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. I’m learning to not LIVE other’s people’s emotions. Hard to do completely because that would mean becoming someone else, but may be I can reduce the consequences on me.

3. Be a better Josie through Christ ! I want to get closer to God in 2017 and make time to read and meditate on the scriptures. I always feel at peace, calm and serene when I read the Bible. I have the “Holy Bible” app on my phone and every morning I make the time to read the verse of the day which I often share on my Instagram stories!

I feel the need to go further in my spiritual relation with the Lord. I might have numerous plans for myself but I’m sure God has greater plans for me. He has really showed me how he can work in my life through all the hard times I’ve been through. I’ve decided to feed my spirit this year and I hope you will to no matter what your beliefs are.

4. Take care of my body. I have seriously been blessed with the best genes! I don’t gain weight easily meaning I can basically eat my favourite ice cream everyday. However, deep down, I know I have to get back on track. I’m doing it slowly, avoiding to put pressure on myself. I’m learning to listen to my body a little more and comparing my body to others a little less. So what’s the plan? I will be going back to doing Yoga on a daily basis ( at least 30 minutes ). A few planks and butt exercises. I’ll take every chance I can to get out of my home and head over to a group fitness class.

5. Live in the moment. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Focus 100% on work when I have to and let go the phone and other distractions when I spend time with my loved ones. I always feel like I do not fully live every moment. I think it’s even harder when you’re a blogger. Basically you don’t have weekends or days off and you’re on social media all the time.  However, I also think being a blogger is just like any other type of jobs. You need a break! I’m planning to do a social media detox from time to time, especially on the weekends to clear my mind and mostly be there for my family , FULLY.

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Photography: Jessica Prudencio

Do you have any actions you plan on working on this year?! Let me know in the comments. Bisous darlings x

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