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IN MY BAG - LIFESTYLE by @noanoir_

April 01, 2016


They say you can tell a lot about a woman by what she carries around in her purse, which is why I always find it interesting to see what others lug around all day. Besides the slight stalker tendencies that we ALL have (admit it), I am just curious what others deem daily essentials - worthy enough to carry with them everywhere.

Tissues, chewing gum and lipbalm (all not so instagram-worthy ;-)) aside, these are my current bag essentials. Part work must-haves (phone, charging cable, business cards), part pretty things (sunglasses, favourite lipstick, aromatherapy roll-on)... I am trying not to carry too many unnecessary items with me as I already end up digging for things when my (mini!) bag is half-full.


Ace & Tate 'Rae' sunglasses
• iPhone 6 (with Richmond & Finch marble case)
Le Cord leather charging cable
Vitruvi aromatherapy
Make Up Forever 'Rouge Artist Natural - No9 Copper Pink' lipstick
• Business cards (via Moo)
• Wallet

By the way - something I've really gotten into the past couple of months is aromatherapy. Being a natural skeptic, I wasn't too sure if it would really work or just smell nice, but it has actually made a difference! My favourite aromatherapy roll-ons are from Vitruvi - a company founded by a brother/sister duo from Vancouver. I currently have four blends on rotation (Focus, Balance, Move, Detox) and they all smell great and have really positively influenced me & my work on a daily basis. Scents have always been important to me, but I never really understood (or realized) how much they can help your mood and mindset. A very interesting thing to learn! And speaking of learning - the Vitruvi team interviewed me, so if you want to get to know me a little better and know what my daily rituals are like, head on over to the feature here!


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